CYD ENYSORB - crash protection

The Nicander 40 yacht has been equipped with a new designed energy absorbing element, named CYD ENYSORB, in order to absorb crash forces in case the yacht hits underwater rocks. The unit has been developed in cooperation with Nicanders BĂ„tvarv.

The CYD ENYSORB consists of two or more stainless steel cones mounted on top of each other and welded together. The assembly then has been mounted in the front of the keel bulb and finally concealed by a FRP cover, which has been modelled to conform to the keel bulb requirements of minimal water resistance. The element is particularly well suited for T-shaped keels but would be adaptable also for trapezoidal keels.

Calculations and simulations show that forces on the keel, hull and structure will be dramatically reduced by the CYD ENYSORB.

Should the yacht run into a rock, the CYD ENYSORB will collapse and reduce the retardation, absorb the kinetic energy, and therefore effectively decrease the peak crash forces. The efficiency of the element is dependent on boat speed, boat weight, the number of cones, their lengths, diameters and taper ratios as well as material specification and thickness.

We have filed no patents for the element and it is our intention that the element should be free to use by anyone wishing to do so.

Anders Ericson of CYD yacht design would welcome questions from yacht builders or yacht designers concerning the CYD ENYSORB.